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West Lafayette Library Hours

1:00pm 5:00pm
10:00am 8:00pm
10:00am 8:00pm
10:00am 8:00pm
10:00am 8:00pm
10:00am 6:00pm
10:00am 5:00pm

Library Hour Exceptions

4th Thursday of each month Noon to 8 pm

Libraries within "10" miles

Miles Todays Hours Library Hours Library
1 NA Tippecanoe County Mobile Library Hours Tippecanoe County Mobile Library
1 1:00pm - 6:00pm Tippecanoe County Public Library Hours Tippecanoe County Public Library
3 NA Klondike Hours Klondike Branch
4 NA Tippecanoe County/ivy Tech Hours Tippecanoe County/ivy Tech
11 NA Otterbein Public Library Hours Otterbein Public Library